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The Blue Light (various volumes)Hunley Site AssessmentSagalevitch, AnatolyThe Union Navy’s chokehold on the city’s harbor would have to be broken soon, and the best hope for doing that lay with a strange and secret new weapon—a “diving torpedo-boat” christened the HPick an image and see the photographer’s technical notes


Not torpedoes as we now think of them—sleek underwater missiles—but rather mines of black powder”Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” When Union Rear AdmTop Burton, Milby ENaval Historical authoritative site also links to extensive background information on the sub and recovery, including legal agreementsIncludes graphics


It was an epic momentNational Park Service, Naval Historical Center, South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, 1998Within three hours the Union Navy held Mobile Bay, and the Confederacy’s last hold on he Gulf of Mexico was brokenHunleyFlanagan, Joseph


John Crosby, acting master aboard the Housatonic, spotted something off the starboard beam that looked at first like a “porpoise, coming to the surface to blow.” There had been warnings of a possible attack by a Confederate “infernal machine,” and Crosby was swift to sound the alarmGeorge Dixon, a bold-hearted, battle-scarred army officerHAccompanying text explains what is known and what is speculationGet the facts behind the frame in this online-only galleryFriends of the HunleyKeach, Donald L


Shortly after sunset on the night of February 17, at a dock on nearby Sullivans Island, eight audacious Confederates squeezed inside the claustrophobic iron vessel and set out on a quixotic missionCharleston Post and Courier is an archive of news stories from the recovery period to date”Raising the Hunley.” Common Ground (Summer/Fall 2001), 13-23Bankson, RossVirtual you will find realistic reconstructions of the Hunley, inside and outHunleyDavid Farragut gave one of history’s most famous military orders, he was talking about the kind of torpedo that the Hunley used to sink the U.S.SReador print the full articleThe lead Union ship, an ironclad monitor, struck one and instantly sank”The Last Dive,” National Geographic (October 1999), 114-135 985d112f2e

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